Friday, March 19, 2010

Eighth Grade Odyssey Tour Projects

As we study Homer’s Odyssey as a class, each student will plan an individual odyssey. Here is how the project will work. I will give each student a budget of $5,000. Using this booklet with my “Odyssey Educational Tours,” everyone must select one of the tours presented. Transportation, accommodations, most meals, and all tour and sightseeing fees are included in the price of the tour selection. Students will write me pretend traveler’s checks for their tours. The money remaining from the $5,000 after each pays for a tour can be used for additional meals and snacks, emergency needs, postcards, stamps, souvenirs, gifts, etc.

Each student will provide me the following:
* A weather forecast corresponding to the day’s destination city/area
* A list of what will be packed in one medium-size suitcase plus one carry-on
* A list of money exchanged for purchases (with any fees applied) - optional
* A budget log with all personal expenses while traveling (Remember lunches)
* A journal of daily “creative writing” travel experiences/sightseeing events
* Postcards from favorite visits (at least three total during the entire odyssey)
* A copy of a “pretend passport” with pretend stamps received from countries
* A friendly letter to someone in the United States about your trip
* A presentation of the student odyssey (Show-and-Present or PowerPoint).
* A travel hardcopy or digital “scrapbook” of above requirements, with several pretend photos, drawings, and “souvenirs” collected along the way

As the Odyssey Tour Guide, I will teach students research techniques, provide budgeting lessons, and design and produce templates for traveler’s checks, postcards, stamps, journals, budget logs, passports, and scrapbooking ideas. Occasionally I will present them with a travel challenge to be considered while away. Decision-making about these challenges will be recorded in daily journals.

If parents and teachers have any travel resources, adventures and skills to share, can you advise us how to be better travelers and learners? If you like, contact me to schedule a class time for presentation. We meet 1st and 7th periods daily.

Everyone, please work hard on this project to involve language arts, literature, math, history, economics, geography, ecology, art, music, and foreign languages. See the skills list that we will practice on page 15 of this brochure. Have a fun, learning time with this adventure! Do not let there be hardships in anyway—expense, stress, worry. I am open to needs and concerns, and I will be flexible as needed, except with deadlines. Time management is an important component.

Kindest regards, Jenifer Steller, Eighth Grade English Teacher

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