Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cooking with Joy

When our family arrived for a long-awaited Spring Break at our timeshare in Orlando, my husband brought out a beautiful golden gift bag as our hospitality gift. Inside was a single little cookbook entitled Lowfat Cooking. I laughed aloud because I had just spent the previous weekdays in cooking classes that culminated with our decorating our own wedding cakes. The first day had been cooking fun appetizers, the second day "the hearty breakfast," the third day fried chicken and fixings, and the fourth day individual pizzas. I have not eaten so happily in five consecutive days for perhaps forty years - maybe more!
"Do not worry about an occasional indulgence on a high calorie and/or high fat food; focus instead on improving daily eating habits." from Lowfat Cooking

This year during the school's Spring Intensive Week, I luckily had been assigned to "Cooking with Joy," a course in cooking basics for those in Upper School. Many students were tenth or twelfth graders I now teach. What fun to share learning (and eating) with them, as well with other students I came to know also. Joy, of course, was our instructor, and JOY was also what we experienced in her complete sharing of her talents and in her gracious hospitality. I was so impressed with the organization of activities and each student's confidence in trying new skills.

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